All classes are held at French With Amey in downtown Springfield unless otherwise stated.


Mondays 6-8pm  9/29-12/1  LCC Downtown
Thursdays 10am-noon  9/18-11/13 & 12/4  French With Amey
Learn how to structure sentences and questions to participate in real conversations. Focus on basic French pronunciation, common vocabulary and verbs, with an emphasis on all communication skills: speaking, reading, writing and listening comprehension.  Suitable for all ages, but especially adults and students from age 12 and above. 

Beginning Term 2 
Wednesdays 6-8pm  10/1-12/3   French With Amey
Improve speaking, reading, writing and listening skills focused on common vocabulary and grammar concepts. A project develops your cultural knowledge of French-speaking countries beyond Europe. No class November 26. 

Conversational Classes 
Instead of discussing different topics each week, conversation classes during fall and winter terms will be reading a short novel (La Maison d'Oncle Max). Activities will develop all the important communication skills, while increasing awareness of French history and culture. Classes will read the same text, but conduct discussions and other activities at different levels based on abilities. 

Advanced Beginner Conversation 
Mondays 12:45-2:15pm   9/29-12/8  (11 sessions) 

Intermediate Conversation 
Tuesdays 10:30am-noon 10/7-12/9  (10 sessions) 
Fridays 10:30am-noon   9/19-12/5  (10 sessions)    

Advanced Intermediate Conversation
Fridays 1:00-2:30pm  10/3-11/14 & 12/5  (8 sessions) 


European Trip Planning Help 
Tuesday October 21 6-8:30pm
Thursday November 6   6-8:30pm
Bring all your questions, and get ideas for where to go, what to do, what to take and what to bring back. Unique ideas you can include on your trip, no matter what type you're taking (on your own, cruise, tour, etc.). Make your trip match your needs and interests! These classes are offered through the Willamalane Adult Activity Center in downtown Springfield. 

For more information, contact Amey. Send an email through the website contact page: www.frenchwithamey.com