Oncle Max--Ch. 1

C'est votre espace pour discuter des sujets du livre "Oncle Max"!

Voilà quelques suggestions pour ce chapitre:

  • vos sentiments le premier jour de vacances   
  • Aviez-vous un petit groupe d'amis quand vous étiez adolescent?
  • les activités d'adolescents 

Bonnes discussions! 


Dossier projet #2: Chez Moi

For the second project in your dossier, you will make an advertisement for someone to rent your lodging (house. Make either an electronic slideshow or a booklet/brochure. You don't have to use your own house. Make up an imaginary house, or invent something different....a castle, cabin, tree house, houseboat....

  • Talk about all the major parts of the house: 
    • chambre(s) 
    • salle de séjour / salon 
    • salle de bains / toilettes
    • cuisine 
    • garage 
    • jardin 
  • Use voilà, c'est, ce sont, il y a, il n'y a pas de/d'.
  • If you don't have certain things, be sure to mention that (il n'y a pas de....) 
    • télévision & télécommande(s)  
    • téléphone 
  • Give descriptions of the parts of your house (make them sound inviting!). 
  • Identify how people can find certain things 
    • Exemples: 
      • La télécommande est à côté de la télé. 
      • Le téléphone est dans la cuisine. 
      • Les chambres sont en haut. 
      • Le garage est en bas. 
  • It's fine to use short sentences, it develops your speaking ability so you can present your house orally in the same way. You can always build longer sentences later.  

Voilà un exemple (une photo):  
(This is a house in Paris that has been turned into a museum; it's the Musée Camondo.) 

Voilà le salon. Il y a un canapé et quatre chaises. Il y a deux grandes fenêtres derrière le canapé. Derrière la maison, il y a un grand jardin. C'est très beau.  Il n'y a pas de télévision. 

Dossier projet #1: Une personne célèbre

For your first project as part of your portfolio (dossier), you will describe a famous French person (alive today or from the past). You can create an electronic slideshow or a paper booklet about a famous French person from any French-speaking country (including France). Find pictures or drawings of this person, and put captions with each photograph to describe that person using as many vocabulary words as you know (nationality, profession, physical/other descriptions). You can certainly look up new words to describe the person, but be sure to use as many of the words from your book that are suitable before you go to the dictionary.

Submit your descriptions to Amey (email or hand-written) so mistakes can be corrected before you complete the final version. Remember to make your adjectives agree with the gender of the person (il est beau, elle est belle), and to make it "il était" or "elle était" if your person is from the past.

All classes are held at French With Amey in downtown Springfield unless otherwise stated.


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Beginning Term 2 
Wednesdays 6-8pm  10/1-12/3   French With Amey
Improve speaking, reading, writing and listening skills focused on common vocabulary and grammar concepts. A project develops your cultural knowledge of French-speaking countries beyond Europe. No class November 26. 

Conversational Classes 
Instead of discussing different topics each week, conversation classes during fall and winter terms will be reading a short novel (La Maison d'Oncle Max). Activities will develop all the important communication skills, while increasing awareness of French history and culture. Classes will read the same text, but conduct discussions and other activities at different levels based on abilities. 

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European Trip Planning Help 
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