Dossier projet #1: Une personne célèbre

For your first project as part of your portfolio (dossier), you will describe a famous French person (alive today or from the past). You can create an electronic slideshow or a paper booklet about a famous French person from any French-speaking country (including France). Find pictures or drawings of this person, and put captions with each photograph to describe that person using as many vocabulary words as you know (nationality, profession, physical/other descriptions). You can certainly look up new words to describe the person, but be sure to use as many of the words from your book that are suitable before you go to the dictionary.

Submit your descriptions to Amey (email or hand-written) so mistakes can be corrected before you complete the final version. Remember to make your adjectives agree with the gender of the person (il est beau, elle est belle), and to make it "il était" or "elle était" if your person is from the past.