Dossier projet #4: Ma Famille

You will put together pictures of your family to talk about them. You can select however many people you want to describe. You can use a larger family photo, but it will work best to use several photographs that show people individually or a few people at a time.

  • You can make an electronic file with electronic photos, or make a paper booklet if you have real photographs or want to make a paper copy. 
  • You will share your project during class with a partner. 
  • If you have a group picture, use à gauche à droite or au centre to distinguish family members within the picture 
    • Here are 3 variations: 
      • C'est ma mère à gauche,... 
      • Ma mère est à gauche,... 
      • A gauche, c'est ma mère,...     
  • Use adjectives to describe your family members. Use the vocabulary words you know (professions, physical & personality descriptions) before you head for a dictionary.  
  • Use simple sentences, you're practicing to speak orally so you can speak casually (and confidently) about your family.