Dossier Project #6: La Cuisine

Imagine that you are staying in a rented house or apartment in France for a week, and you have to do food shopping. You will go online to a French grocery store (Auchan or Monoprix) to find food products that interest you. You won't actually buy anything. You will select the products you need to purchase, then assemble the photos to make a presentation that displays your selections.

To save some money, you plan to cook your own meals at the place you are staying. You have a microwave (micro-ondes), but not an oven (four).

     un hypermarché en France 

                                                                  un petit supermarché 


  • Select items from different parts of the store.  
  •  You need to get:  
    • breakfast items  
    • lunch items 
    • dinner items  (to cook, or pre-made items from the surgelés or traiteur areas) 
    • some fruit
    • some vegetables 
    • beverages ?  (coffee/tea/juice/water) 
    • desserts ? 
    • anything else you'd like 
  • Assemble all your food images into a word document or PowerPoint-style presentation that represents your "shopping cart" (chariot) or basket (panier)
  • Organize each page or slide to represent one category (boissons, petit déjeuner, etc.) 
  • Explain what you will make with the food items to show you have enough food for the full week.  
  • Put the price of each item and the quantity you are getting.  
  • If you want to buy organic items, click on the bio heading. 
  • When you have all your pages assembled: 
    • Calculate the total cost (in euros)
    • Indicate your method of payment 
      • carte de crédit   (credit card)
      • carte bancaire   (debit card)    
      • en espèces  (cash) 

Voilà les supermarchés en France:

Many of these supermarchés offer online shopping (les courses en ligne) with services for home delivery (livraison à domicile) or in-store pickup (drive).

Start shopping!   

Auchan:   site-web pour les courses en ligne
Monoprix:  site-web officiel pour les courses en ligne