Dossier Projet #3: Une affiche (A Poster)

Make a poster (une affiche) for a real or an imaginary event. It can be an event you have done before, something you attended or plan to attend, or something you'd like to see. Think of a concert, a film showing, a sports event, a show, a dance, a festival.

  • Put the date, time, cost and location of the event. 
  • Put a phone number (real or imaginary) as contact for someone to get more information.
  • Spell out the full word for the month.   (i.e. "janvier", not "janv.")
  • Use the 24-hour system if your event is in the afternoon or evening. 
  • If your event is free, you can put "Gratuit" or "Entrée libre". 
  • If this is an annual event, remember to put your ordinal number (#e) to indicate this year.    
  • You can include art images if you want to make your poster more realistic. 

For a range of dates, follow this example:    du 21 au 27 juin
For a range of times, follow this example:   de 15h à 18h

Voilà des exemples: