Dossier Projet #5: Un Questionnaire

This is a variation on the game "20 questions". You will make up questions to find out about another person. Look at the verbs, questions and activities in your book to get ideas. You can use the same verb more than once, but no more than 5 times. Follow the directions below to make your questions fit the requirements. Think creatively!  
  • Use the verbs in your book to start (être, avoir, -ER verbs). 
  • You can use intonation, est-ce que or inversion, but remember you must use est-ce que or inversion with a question word (où, quand, qui, pourquoi, comment, que). 
  • Use the "vous" form. 
  • Your question can satisfy more than one requirement: 
    • inversion, où 
    • est-ce que, quand 
    • intonation, personnalité
  • 5 questions:  intonation  (oui/non; yes or no questions) 
  • 5 questions:  inversion   (oui/non) 
  • 3 questions:  inversion  (question words) 
  • 3 questions:  est-ce que  (oui/non) 
  • 4 questions:  est-ce que  (question words) 
  • 3 questions:  où  
  • 3 questions:  quand
  • 3 questions:  que
  • 2 questions:  pourquoi 
  • 4 questions:  aimer  (aimer + infinitive, aimer + noun) 
  • 4 questions:  personnalité  (nationalité, profession, description physique, adjectifs) 

Look through your book to get sample ideas. You can order your questions any way you want.